3d Printing Industry

3D Printing is productive in many industries. These past years, 3D printing has become a popular term. The technology has increased quantity of users. Even though, most people have never heard of it, it has been on the market for decades. Manufacturers have been using these printing technologies for a long time for designing and bringing ideas to reality. It creates useful prototypes for the traditional manufacturing process and research. This is where 3D printing becomes rapid prototyping.

3d Printing Industry

3D printers is used in this process, because it saves the company four figures, which ultimately allow the industry to save many times that amount of money in prototype-creating process. Many companies have been using other methods to create a prototype, which normally takes a week or more, before it is delivered, and if any flaw is detected, then it would be sent back, which prolong the time of manufacturing process. With the rapid prototyping, it would only cost a few hundred dollars, adjustments can instantly be made on computer, and re-evaluate the prototype on the same day.

3D printing is also valuable when using it for rapid manufacture. This is a new method for manufacturing on short run. From this perspective, it is no longer a prototype, but an actual end user product. It is where availability of customized products is expected.

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