3D Printing of the Missing Parts of the Body

You think it’s a joke? Not at all. Chinese undertakers prints using 3D missing parts of the body.

 3d printed nose and ear

Funeral company in Shanghai offers a service supplement incomplete bodies of deceased persons. In order to produce the missing body parts the company uses a 3D-printing technology. The Longhua funeral in Shanghai is the first company in China which has applied 3D printing in such an unusual way.

Sometimes the funeral getting the body that have been damaged at the time of death or the various causes are incomplete. 3D printing technology allows for easier and more accurate reproduction of parts of the body or its correction.

Some Undertakers in the United States and Europe also use the print 3D, but to improve the appearance of the dead. One company, UPD Urns, recorded a short ad for customers to purchase printed by this method urn or busts.

The DogIds company goes further. They offer 3d-printed pet urns. You can order an urn for your dog or horse based on their appearence, habits and even personality.

3D Printed Pet Urns

In China it is now observed dynamic development of 3D printing. Although companies from other countries in recent years dominated this market, Chinese manufacturers do not lag behind and with equally great enthusiasm to develop their technologies.

We are very pleased that the printing 3d nestled so many uses. We are pleased with all … even with the printing part of the bodies of the dead, although we recognize that this is not a dream, our use of this technology.

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