3D Printing on Plastic

The 3D printer has become a highly beneficial technology not just for home use, but also in something as delicate as healthcare. For the first time ever, a 3D printing on plastic was ever used in healthcare under a rare circumstances was when it was used to safe a young lady’s life.

3d Printing Plactic

This young lady was suffering from a very rare disease, her skull was growing. There was only one way she could survive, which requires going through a major surgery. The amazing thing was a 3D printer being used for printing a new skull out of plastic materials, and the surgery took 23 hours. It was a risky surgery, but it was surprisingly a success.

3D Printing on plastic has been successful in many occasions. Plastic has been a material that make it easier to make objects that need hardened and solid structure, which simplifies the creation of many objects in form of ideas, design, production or dental.

The biggest advantage with printing with plastic material is that it provides a high quantity of plastic waste. The printer only takes what it needs from supplied plastic materials to create the designed object.

3D printing on plastic is possible on anything that the user will like to hold in hands.

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