3D Scanners

A 3D scanner contributes to making 3D objects out of a 3D printer. It is a device that is designed for analyzing either an object or real-world environment for collecting data on how it is shaped and appears, like its color, designs and other things that contributes to its appearance. These data are collected and then used for constructing digital models that are three-dimensional.

3D Scanner

All data that is three dimensionally collected is useful for a high number of applications. These devices have been extensively used in the entertainment industry, when producing movies and video games. There are other applications that are normal for this type of technology, which includes orthotics, industrial designs, prosthetics, prototyping, reverse engineering, inspection or control of quality and documentation of cultural artifacts.

It is possible to use many different technologies for building the 3D scanning device. Every technology do comes with some limitations, expenses and advantages. Many of the limitations that associate with these particular objects are possible to currently be digitalized. However, technologies of optical encounter many difficulties when being used in combination to objects that transparent, shines or even has a mirror. For instance, it is possible for an industrial computed tomography to be used for digitally construct 3D models, and then apply a non-destructive testing.

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