BCN3D SIGMA – 3d printer which may interest you

For a long time we have not discussed the specific printer models 3d. Today catch up. This article is very interesting 3D printer, which is called BCN3D Sigma.

 BCN3D Sigma - Independent Dual Extruder 3D Printer

BCN3D Sigma is a 3D printer based on technology FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication – fused deposition material). Its system of IDEX (Dual Independent Extruder – two independent extruders) allows the production of high quality complex objects made of two different materials or two different colors.

BCN3D Sigma - Printing with water soluble material (PLA & PVA)

BCN3D Sigma is a printer which allows to print with accuracy and quality parts. Field work is quite big, so istatnieje can print quite large. Thanks to this printer suitable for the needs of enterprises.

The casing is stable. It is made from aluminum. The printer looks nice and works even better.

BCN3D Sigma printing

BCN3D Sigma works with BCN3D Nozzle v3, head full metal capable of sustaining high temperatures for long hours, thanks to the materials used.

Compatible materials include PLA, ABS, Filaflex, PVA, foil, composite materials (PLA + wood, metal, fibers, etc.).

BCN3D Sigma

Just look at the printer prints made BCN3D Sigma.

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