CubePro 3D Printer

CubePro 3D Printer is a product of 3D Systems company. This is a newer version of Cube X. Design similar to Cube 3, but two main differences are much larger size of the device and a closed working chamber. Cartridges are filament inside. It is heavily automated and has a very large canvas. CubePro is recommended for design offices or advanced projects at home.

CubePro 3D Printer

The CubePro 3D printer is featuring a build platform that also has ultra-high resolution. It has a print that is 2,5 larger than any desktop printer. It is also maintaining an ultra-high resolution settings of 70-micron print layers that is thin. It is new, because no other professional printer with high quality has ever been either this high or easy.

The printer also has a print environment that is controlled. This is a process environment that is controlled, and therefore ensures an improvement in both reliability and accuracy of print for a professional quality without any effort at every time for the ABS plastic prints that are largest. It has an automated settings that ensure a printing that is safe for usage at home.

The CubePro 3D printing is quite strong, fast and will last for a very long. It is guaranteed to be faster, which provides a more accurate print, with the print mechanics that are stabilized. There are also cartridges that are easily feed, specifically for a long lasting material life. This makes the printer highly desired for home and business use.

There are also three materials that are added with triple color that provide thousands of options. It is possible to get more out of 3D printing in up to 3 colors simultaneously along with the three material options.

These are what make the CubePro 3D printer useful in the 3 dimensional printing technology world.

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