Few Words about 3D Printing Technology

3D Printing has many years of being a very productive technology. It is not a technology that has been made for printing, even though it is called 3D printing. It is much more, because it makes objects out of more than hundred different materials, including liquid.

3D printing

It is a technology that does not mind making anything that has been designed with any of the 3D designing software. With such technology along with its capabilities, then it is safe to conclude that anything that has been designed can be made out of the printer.

3D printer is unknown to many people, because it is quite rare. However, its reach within industries is very high, and it has been existing since the late 2000 centuries. All 3D Printers are not using exactly the same technology when realizing the objects.

There are some methods that are using either softening or melting down materials for producing layers. SLS and FDM (Selective Laser Sintering and Fused Deposition Modeling) are among the common technologies that find this way of printing productive and satisfactory for its users. There are other common technology that lay liquid materials that have been cured with multiple technologies, and one technology that commonly use this method is the Stereolithography.

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