FlatFab software

FlatFab software is a program that additionally support the user to fully benefit from the 3D printing. It is a software that allows its user to design in surfaces that is 2D for making the 3D objects for CNC cutting.

FlatFab software

The FlatFab is understood as a new CAD (Computer Aided Design). It does not matter if the types of surfaces that the user is used to is two dimensional, but its feature includes combining 2D with 3D objects. It is quite ideal when designing either a furniture or any other larger objects. It is an interesting software that some people have found more attractive than other software.

The very interesting thing with the CNC cutting along with milling is that it is possible to make quite larger functioning objects, regardless if it is as big as a couch. The creation will only require some cheap materials, like for instance plywood.

It has no official information on price or even if it is available for open source. However, it looks like it is still in its early stage, which means that it is still expected to be improving and more features would be added. The software is available for most operating systems, like Mac, Windows and Linux.

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