Flux 3D – printer and scanner all-in-one

Flux 3D printer is next Kickstarter’s project. They needed $100,000 and got waaaay more (achieved the goal in 2 hours!!!). What’s is going on here?

Flux 3D

3D Printer has been designed by a team of young Taiwanese who needs Kickstarter registered company in San Francisco, USA. The device is basically a mix of all the most popular features, which usually appear in 3D printers presented on Kickstarter:

  • cheap
  • simple and intuitive to use
  • supported by a smartphone and a dedicated application
  • multifunctional
  • stretch goals

Modular 3D printer company Flux is a compact, multifunctional device that is sure to quickly get bored. Thanks to its easily replaceable modules (no screws) can be used for many things Flux:

  • thanks to Bluetooth you can prepare on your smartphone designs and print them on Flux 3D Printer
  • Flux is a 3D scanner that remembers shapes: they are able to duplicate or load the program and create projects based on them
  • Flux also has a module for engraving
  • of course you can also print a choco cake

What more to expect? This project have chances to achieve goals. Would you buy Flux 3D?

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