What is rapid prototyping?

The Rapid Prototyping is abbreviated RP. It enables a quick fabrication of models in physical form, using a three dimensional CAD (Computer Aided Design) data. It is used in many industries, because RP allows companies to turn their innovative ideas into end product that is efficiently and rapidly successful.

rapid prototyping

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Stereolithography (SLA)

A very useful technology in 3D printing is SLA. SLA is an abbreviation of Stereolithography. It is a main technology that also include photopolymerization being used for producing a solid part from liquid material. It requires using supporting structure, as it is attaching the part to the platform that elevate the layers.


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3D Printing Ideas

There is practically no limit to the objects that can be printed with 3D printer. But, there are different ideas that can be introduced. A 3D firearms is an idea that has been printed from a 3D printer. This is an idea that can digitally be designed and prepared for printing. Another idea is acoustic guitar that can be printed, using materials like plastic, in combination with metal and other relevant materials. This will result in a working musical instrument.

3d printed guitar

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