Strange Things People Print with 3D Printer

People’s creativity with usage of 3D printers have exceed to the level of it being understood as strange. There have already been different strange things that people have printed with a three dimensional printer. These strange things are in different categories.

3D printed ears
3D printed ears

One of them is body parts. People have printed things like people’s ears, blood vessels, kidneys, bones, skull and even skins. They can cheaply be three dimensionally printed.

Another category is chocolate. This is mostly printed using a method that replace the 3D printer’s cartridge with chocolate that has been melted. This make it possible to have a futuristic deserts that are endless. The possibilities of printing anything that can either be written or drawn. One requirement is that it has to be processed by a computer. The best thing is, it will be edible.

One of the strange categories that is 3D printed is clothes. Clothes that have three dimensionally been printed are not in stores yet. However, it has a debut that is already on the runway. A model has already worn the very first 3D printed gown that is already fully articulated. This was especially made for fitting the model, and her name is Dita Von Teese.

The strangeness of people’s creativity also reaches the entertainment industry, because people have made functioning musical instruments that are either partly or wholly 3D printed objects.

These strange things that people printed are part of the things that make it possible to see how the 3D printing technology has contributed to the industries and people’s home.

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