Strati first 3d printed car is coming

We are excited by the fact that soon Strati will be on the market. If someone else does not know, Strati is the first car printed in 3D technology.
Strati 3d printed car

Strati’s produceer Local Motors company says that the car is made from ABS plastic with carbon fiber. Almost every piece of the Strati is 3d printed. The rest like engine and battery comes from Renault’s Twizy.

Strati printing process takes 44 hours. The intention of the manufacturer is to reduce this time to a maximum of 24 hours. That is impressive! Production of the car from scratch in less than one day is an incredible achievement!

Strati is 100% electric with 62-mile range, 3.5 hour charge time and 50 mph top speed. It looks like nice car for housewifes and yuppies as well. Both technologies 3d printing and electric cars are on the waves right now. That’s why it could work. There is a chance that people would love it!

Production is planned this year, with prices about $18,000 in basic version. Would you buy it?

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