The first drug made by a 3D printer approved

Spritam is the first printed in 3D medication approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. The tablets will go to the pharmacy 24 March 2016. We are proud to announce that 3D printing is beginning to be used at once more industries. The latest novelty is the use of 3D printers to produce medicines.

3d printing drugs

This time, thanks to 3D printing technology will benefit the patient with epilepsy. Because of his illness may have difficulty swallowing large tablets. Thanks to a new production process will be smaller tablets. 3D printing is also enabled enrichment of the composition of the drug by increasing the amount of active substance.

The drug contains the active substances traditionally used, is an innovative way of preparing Spritam and during the process of printing properties of tablets. With the porous structure can be placed in them two times more active substances than in the case of traditionally made medicine.

 3d printed drug

Medicines sold in the form of soluble tablets. After being thrown into the water capsule printed immediately melts – drugs produced traditionally able to dissolve even a few minutes. In addition to increasing the convenience of your medicine, also increases the safety of the patient, who can react more quickly to the signs of the impending attack.

The drug was developed by an American company Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, founded in 2003. Aprecia Pharamceuticals allocated for the development of a medication more than 35 million dollars. We expect that this amount will return soon, and the profits will be the basis for other companies to invest in research on other drugs.

We are so pruod that 3D printing technology develops to help people. Keep it up!

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