The Weightlessness 3d Printing

It is not easy to print something in the absence of gravity. Two years ago, the Americans were able to create this type of printer, but none of this feat was not repeated. Until now, when Chinese scientists announced that tested their own project of such a printer.

China First Space 3D Printer

Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences tested a personal project a 3D printer that can work in zero gravity. Tests of this printer were held in France. A properly over France, because it was tested during 93 parabolic flights, so it could for 22 seconds during each flight to feel weightless. At this time they managed to test the two technologies and print using five different filaments.

China Space 3D Printer

The device could help China build a space station in 2020 and Facilitate its operation and maintenance thereafter.

Compared to the US printer Chinese is higher, which obviously results in the size of printed items. During the tests could even print out a few items that can be useful for astronauts, which include, inter alia, adjustable wrenches, nuts, or rods.

Space 3D Printer for Weightlessness Needs Special Design

3D printing technology has the potential to truly revolutionize space exploration, mainly due to the fact that you would print the necessary elements in place, which could be to reduce the amount of equipment that people take from the Earth. He stands in front of her, but still a lot of trials and obstacles. For now, the most comprehensive tests are conducted on board the ISS, which some time ago hit the first American printer.

space 3d printing

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