What criminals can use 3d printer?

3D printing has its bad side. This is a great technology, but unfortunately it can also be used by bad people.
3d printed car key

  • 3d Printing guns

It is not difficult to print the gun. Such a gun can be also sneaked on aircraft board. Printed guns are not detectable by metal detectors. It could be really dangerous for common people. Bad people have new possibilities to hurt people.

  • 3d Printing keys

Thieves can simply print out the keys to your car and home. Then the theft of your property will be child’s play. Thieves are going to be people with a flair for the latest technologies. Keep your keys close and do not show them to anyone.

  • 3d printed TM skimmers

There are gangs which print skimmers and put them into ATMs. That’s the easy way to steal money. Before using the ATM better check if there are any additional items that do not have other ATMs. #d printed skimmers works much better than made in other way.

Be aware that even such a wonderful technology has its bad side. The world is a lot of bad people who use the latest technologies to harm other people.

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