What is 3d printer?

The 3D printing has different processes that ultimately print objects in three dimensions. It is also called additive manufacturing. It easily make these dimensional objects from a digital file. How 3D printed object is created depends on usage of various additive processes. This is because, in such additive process, the objects are created with a method that lays down different successive material layers, and it keeps going until the whole project has been created. Every layer can be interpreted as a horizontally slice thin cross-section of the eventual object.

Ultimaker 3D printer

There are many people that have heard of 3D printing from the media, whom have been surprised with what they have visualized with their own eyes. It is magical, because it literally creates objects out of thin air. It is capable of printing these objects in nylon, plastic, metal and more than hundred other materials. It is useful for making little models that are nonsensical like an over-printed Yoda and printing prototypes for manufacture, end-user products, even an aircraft engine plats, quasi legal guns, and different human organs, with the help of a person’s own cells.

The 3D printing is capable of a lot of thing, and it is useful for individuals, businesses, institutions and governments that needs it for different reasons.

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