What is rapid prototyping?

The Rapid Prototyping is abbreviated RP. It enables a quick fabrication of models in physical form, using a three dimensional CAD (Computer Aided Design) data. It is used in many industries, because RP allows companies to turn their innovative ideas into end product that is efficiently and rapidly successful.

rapid prototyping

It offers many techniques, but some things have contributed to it being so successful in the industries it is used in. These prototyping techniques have also been efficient in offering a fast, and effective communication between having an idea and actual designing a prototype.

The communication is turning what is thought into what is visualized through prototype. It is an effective validation of having a design fit, function and form. It can be seen as “the next step” in making a prototype ready for manufacturing. It validates that everything inputted in the CAD is validated. Rapid prototyping has a great flexibility in design, and have the ability to quickly run through different design iterations. There are also fewer production flaws in the design, which would result in having end-results that are better.

The rapid prototyping is a perfect tool for industries that deal with prototype, and its contribution to industries have made it a highly productive tool.

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