World’s first 3D-printed office building

Sheikhs from the Middle East like to show off their passion for new technologies. This time in Dubai, the first printed in 3d office.

 3d printed office

The buildings stood near the place where the Museum of the Future is being created – complex, which will surely be another magnet for tourists to Dubai. Office buildings were made from a mixture of plaster, concrete, plastic and fiberglass. Their designers emphasize that the buildings were created with the help of 3D printers are not only ecological, cheap and easy to build, but also their implementation consumes about 50 percent less human and financial resources than normal buildings.

3d printed office museum of future

However, not only shows here it comes: in this case argues that the printing of the buildings is a better solution than traditional methods. Thanks to reduced construction time and costs decrease. For these office reportedly paid $ 140,000, and they were created in just 17 days. It sounds great, but … you have to add that the items printed in China, then transported them to Dubai and there made together. In this way, certainly it reduced costs and benefited from the experience of the Chinese (China prints already houses and hotels).

3d printed office

Then there was the time the finishing work, … that lasted several months. Raw erected building with printed elements, but in the form of anything he was not fit – lacked even the basic installation. There is therefore no sense to write / say that a 2.5 week established an office building. In that time, they made “blocks”, which was established lump. There is a difference.

3d printed office

3D printing technology will evolve. Who knows if in a few years will not print any office? And maybe even a whole city? Certainly the role of the man will still decrease for automation.

We are happy to be working in the 3D printed office.

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